The Frozen Heart

There once was a heart

Incased in ice

Where an ember glowed within.

But it was buried deep

Behind heart walls

So no frost could enter in.

But neither could

The oxygen

Which kept the flame alive,

So bit by bit

And piece by piece,

the flame began to die.

When finally

The heat snuffed out

And ice began to reign,

The heart turned black,

Hard as a stone,

No warmth to be felt again.

Until one day

Someone came by,

A pick-ax on their tongue,

And heat so bright,

So burning hot,

It resembled the flaming sun.

And bit by bit,

And piece by piece,

The person chipped away.

Until their flame

Consumed the ice

And the ember felt again.

It inhaled

The oxygen

It’d been craving for so long,

And the flame of the heart

Exploded with heat

And whispered words of song.

It burned and flared,

A brightest star,

Lighting up the soul.

For love’s one thing

That can heal a heart

And never will grow old.