Mind Palace

I built a castle inside my head

To run away from things.

‘Twas filled with another life I lead

And the comfort that life brings.

Surrounded by the greatest woods

And stone wall oh, so high,

Protected my fragile childhood

From any passers-by.

They said I must let someone in;

I was too old for games –

I could tell their patience was wearing thin

Despite my otherwise claimes.

There, beside my bed, were books,

The entrance to my palace,

Just as Wonderland with its odd looks

Was the rabbit hole for Alice.

No need to risk emotions

On those not worth the spend,

I just go through the motions

So I never have to mend.

If a heart is hidden – tucked away

(You’ll learn to numb the loss)

And soon enough, you’ll begin to say:

“‘Twas only a bit o’ dross.

Who needs a heart when you have a mind?

‘Tis ne’er right anyway.

Logic shows what you need to find –

Emotions get in the way.”

So, I go to hide in my mind palace

When things start to hurt too much.

When the words he says are acutely callous,

And I fear his touch.