Locked Box

She laid her heart inside a box

And threw away the key,

Trusting no one or anything,

To set her cold heart free.

The box forgotten, hid away –

Froze over from the cold

The heart gave off inside the box

From where it had been stowed.

The men wanted the available –

The body, not the heart,

But the casket that held her dear, dead soul

Was a separate part.

‘Til one night, she met a rogue

(Who seemed an irrelevant part)

‘Til ‘e snuck into her mind thro’ the win’ow

And stole away her heart.

He tripped o’re her casket-

And saw her soul inside,

Enraptured by its beauty,

He laid inside to hide.

She became his hiding place

And he returned her box.

They called it love – they knew nothing else,

But th’ heart yet remains locked.