An Update and Apology to my Ever-Faithful Readers: What’s Happening with A Moment For Eternity

As many of you are aware, A Moment For Eternity was the to come out at the beginning of last month. When it didn’t appear in stores, I’m sure many of you were confused and upset, wondering what had happened. First, let me reassure you:

A Moment For Eternity is still coming out in e-book and paperback formats soon. 

But, now that you’ve been reassured, you’re probably wondering: what happened? 

In December of 2016, something very upsetting and very private happened in my life. I am still not comfortable going into detail about what happened (though maybe someday I will be). However, because of this, I had to set back the publication of my book. I am so sorry for that. I loathe that I’m making you guys wait for this beautiful story that you’ve anticipated for so long. I know my personal life is no excuse for me not to complete my book and I hope you will forgive me for letting my personal life get in the way of my writing. 

As of right now, the publication of the book has been put on hold until March or April, when it will come out, along with some merchandise and bonus scenes for you faithful readers. If you subscribe to my website, or follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ll be notified when the book is on sale for FREE purchase, for all of you who have waited so patiently and been so faithful. 

I really appreciate your support and I value you guys more than you know. Thank you a ton for your understanding and I hope this doesn’t deter you from reading the book when it does get published.
With love,



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